Top 10 Benefits of Quilting

Benefits of quilting

We all know that quilting is a fantastic hobby, but it doesn’t just stop there. In this blog post I’ll highlight the top 10 benefits of quilting. Without further ado, here is my list.

We have all been there. As a quilter you know the feeling of pride that comes with a completed piece. That completion can boost your sense of confidence and self-esteem over the long term. In addition studies conducted by the University of Glasgow show that people who quilt on a regular basis have an increased boost in their confidence. How about that? Not bad!

2. Quilting Improves Your Cognitive Ability

The more intricate your quilt design, the more likely you are to use complex math skills like geometry. As we grow older, our cognitive functions naturally decline. The more we use our brains, the healthier they remain. Cutting materials and piecing together a quilt helps to maintain cognitive ability. This is something you might not have thought about as a benefit of quilting, but when you think about it, it definitely makes sense.

3. Quilting Can Be A Stress Relief

Any hobby, including quilting, can help to relieve stress. The repetitive, intricate nature of quilting can help to relax the body and clear the mind. It’s difficult to concentrate on your troubles when you’re quilting. I know I’m not the only one who’s able to enter a peaceful and relaxed state of mind when quilting, far away from all the hustle and stress of the daily life.

For me writing a quilting blog about my experiences, success and failures is also turning out to be a great stress relief and an added bonus in addition to my regular quilting activities.

4. Quilting Is A Great Form of Socialization

Instead of quilting alone, researchers suggest quilting with friends. Coming together for an activity can help people maintain old friendships and make new ones. Interestingly, the more people socialize, the healthier they are. I can definitely vouch for this point, as some of my best friends are people from my circle of quilters.

5. Quilting Can Improve Your Physical Health

Any hobby that helps to relax the body can also lower blood pressure, keep cholesterol levels down and promotes heart health. While quilting isn’t a cure for everything that ails you, it can keep you in better overall physical condition. I combine quilting with regular walks and weekly yoga sessions, and it keeps me feeling young and fresh.

That’s already 5 benefits of quilting already done, and we’re only halfway done with the list!

6. You Can Meet New Friends In A Quilting Guild

Joining a quilting guild has many benefits, including a great social life and a chance to make new friends. Quilt guilds are also a great way to share ideas. You can bounce ideas off fellow members, which will spark your own creativity. You’ll also get to keep up with the latest trends and learn how to use new tools.

You can swap fabric, supplies, and projects with other members. Some groups also have “Show and Share” sessions, so you can show off your latest project. You can also get help with a project or share a quilt that you’ve finished.

I have met many great friends in quilting guilds and we have many fond memories together. Both from the guild meetings and outside of that.

7. Quilting Develops Your Problem Solving Skills – Great for kids!

Have you ever wondered how children benefit from quilting? Children often feel unsure of how to approach a particular problem, but problem-solving activities like quilting can help them learn new strategies. These activities are usually fun, and they can help kids improve their critical thinking skills.

These activities are usually fun, and they can help kids improve their critical thinking skills. Some of these activities can be as simple as brainstorming. Brainstorming is a process where you and a group of people brainstorm different ideas for a problem. It should be a collaborative effort, and everyone should have the opportunity to present their ideas. Then, the group should organize ideas around common themes.

Obviously this can also be a benefit for us adults. We never stop to learn and quilting is easily a great way to continue to develop our problem solving skills, even as adults.

8. Quilting Can Improve Your Mood and Self-Esteem

Sitting down to quilt is my favorite solution whenever I feel I’m in a bad mood. After a quite session alone, I always feel better afterwards.

9. Quilting Makes You More Creative

In today’s modern world we’re not always challenged enough when it comes to our creativity. With quilting you can challenge yourself in so many different ways. There are endless of challenges to overcome, no matter If you’re a beginner quilter or an experienced quilter. Using and improving your creative abilities is surely one of the best benefits of quilting in my eyes.

10. You Can Make a Great Gift For a Loved One With Quilting

Whether it is for a family member or friend, quilts can be comforting and warm. They can make great seat warmers at a football game, or they can be a great comfort on a bad day. Not only that, but a quilt is one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. I always think the smile I see on the face of my family or friends whenever I give them a quilt as a gift is an everlasting impression that always makes me so happy.

Is Quilting Good For The Brain?

Research published by Journal of Public Health confirms that quilting helps with your creative, cognitive and emotional health, which in turn will have a good effect on the brain. So yes, quilting is good for the brain, especially among young kids and older adults.

What Are The Advantages or Benefits of Acquiring Knowledge and Skills In Quilting?

By developing and expanding your quilting skills and knowledge, you will keep your mind sharp while having fun along the way. The more quilting knowledge and skills you acquire, the more difficult quilting challenges you can take on. Complex patterns will give you a bigger challenge, while doing it at a pace in which you can be comfortable with.

Final Thoughts On The Many Great Benefits of Quilting

These are just 10 of my favorite benefits of quilting, and I’m sure this list could go on and on. What are your favorite benefits of quilting? Let me know in the comments below!

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