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Thanks for finding your way to the about me section here at my blog called Sharon’s Quilting. This blog is dedicated to my great passion that is quilting. I’ve been quilting for as long as I can remember. Quilting is a skill and passion that’s been passed down in my family my mom is the main reason I’m such a big fan of this wonderful craft.

I enjoy trying to make varied forms of quilts as I like the challenges it presents. That’s why I try to write about a great deal of different quilting patterns here on my blog. If you have any requests you can of course let me know about it through the contact form found here as well.

I hope my blog can inspire other people – both in the US and abroad – to get started with quilting and fall in love with it just as much as I have. If you’re new and just starting out, I suggest you check out the quilting tutorials section where you can learn some vital skills and techniques to further you quilting level.

– Sharon