What Does WOF Mean in Quilting?

What Does WOF Mean in Quilting
What Does WOF Mean In Quilting

When reading a quilting pattern, it is important to know what does WOF mean in quilting. You’ve probably seen this term on many different quilting blogs and websites. While many people think that the term simply means the width of the fabric, this can be a bit misleading. It can actually mean many different things, depending on how the phrase is used.

WOF is an abbreviation of Width of Fabric. First of all, the “Width of Fabric” means the distance from the seam allowance to the raw edge of the fabric. Most quilters use a quarter-inch seam allowance. Remembering this measurement will ensure that all of the components of your quilt fit together correctly. Also, don’t forget to press the seam allowances, which prevents them from catching in the seams and creating extra bulk.

Another term for “Width of Fabric” is “half-square-Foam.” This is an acronym for width-of-fabric, which is a measurement of how much fabric should be used in a quilt. A half-square-triangle is a rectangle made of two half-square triangles. There are a variety of methods for constructing a half-square triangle. Strip piecing is another common term for “half-square-triangles” and can be made with a variety of methods.

Why is WOF in Quilting Important?

WOF in quilting is the measurement of how wide your fabric is, and it’s an important number to know when you’re cutting fabric for a quilt.

Why? Because the width of your fabric will determine how big your quilt blocks are. And if your blocks are too small, your quilt will look oddly proportioned. So if you want to avoid that, make sure you know your WOF!

Is Width of Fabric Selvage To Selvage?

Yes, it is the distance from selvage to selvage on a bolt of fabric. The selvage is the finished edge on a piece of fabric that keeps it from unraveling. Most quilting fabrics are between 40 and 44 inches wide, although some novelty fabrics can be much wider. 

How To Calculate Quilting WOF

When planning a quilt, it is important to know what does WOF mean in quilting and to consider the WOF of the fabric. This will ensure that you have enough fabric to complete the project and that the finished quilt will be the desired size.

To calculate the WOF for a quilt project:

-Multiply the finished width of the quilt by the number of blocks wide it will be. This will give you the total width of the quilt top.
-Add 7 inches to this number. This allows for a 1/2-inch seam allowance on each side of the quilt, as well as a 3-inch border.
-Divide this number by 36 inches (the standard WOF for most fabrics). This will give you the number of cuts needed for the project.

WOF Quilting – use it in your next project

Hopefully you now know what does WOF mean in quilting, so now you should be able to understand the context better the next time you see this term.

Good luck on your next quilting project!

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