Supreme Slider For Quilting

supreme slider for quilting

The supreme slider for quilting is a simple tool that makes sliding fabric from one place to another a breeze. Developed by Pat LA Pierre, this tool makes the fabric slide without much effort. Its simple design allows it to slide easily through the fabric, and it’s made of durable polypropylene.

What Is The Purpose of a Supreme Slider For Quilting?

Pat LaPierre invented the Supreme Slider for quilting to make free-motion embroidery and machine quilting more comfortable. The slider’s self-stick bottom means no more un-sticking or taping your bobbin sheet. It can also be used for all sewing machines, including embroidery machines. The supreme slider is definitely a benefit to quilting if used properly.

How Do You Use a Supreme Slider For Quilting?

The Supreme Slider is an essential tool for free-motion quilting. Its super-slick surface allows the fabric to glide smoothly over it, reducing the friction of the fabric on the machine bed. It’s also made with a rubberized backing that firmly grips the machine bed and can be removed instantly. It’s perfect for quilting large quilts and makes the process much easier. You can usually find it available in two sizes.

How Do You Clean a Supreme Slider For Quilting?

The supreme slider for quilting is durable and will last for many years. The slider will gather lint on the back during use, but it doesn’t have to be that dirty. You can clean the slider using warm water and baby wipes. Just make sure to let it air dry after cleaning. By cleaning it properly after use, you’ll have a supreme slider for quilting that you can use for several years.

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