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How to Make a Yoyo Quilt With Backing

how to make a yoyo quilt with backing

Yoyo quilts are some of the most fun, colorful and unique quilts you can make. In this blog post I’ll explain how to make a yoyo quilt with backing. If you haven’t already made a yoyo quilt, you should definitely try – it’s loads of fun! Just check out the yoyo-section at Pinterest for some inspiration.

I’ll try to explain how many yo-yos to buy and what type of fabric to use. In this article you’ll also learn about the different sizes and fabric options that you can use, and how to choose a pattern when making a yoyo quilt.

How Many Yo-Yos Do You Need For a Yo-Yo Quilt?

The number of yo-yos you will need to make a yo-yo quilt will depend on the size of the quilt. For example, a table runner is 24″ x 36″, so you will need 192 yo-yos that are 2″ wide. Each horizontal row will have 12 yo-yos, and each vertical row will have 16 yo-yos. In general, yo-yo quilts do not need a backing or binding.

How Do You Attach a Yoyo To Fabric?

Before you begin sewing, you need to gather the yo-yos. To do this, make sure the yo-yos are flat and have the wrong sides facing each other. Then, take a needle and thread and bring the needle to the inside of the yo-yo. Then, sew the yo-yos to each other.

Sizes of Yo-Yos

Using the right sizes of yo-yos is crucial to the success of your Yoyo Quilt With Backing. It is important that the yo-yos you use match the size of the backing fabric. When sewing, use large stitches. If you use tiny stitches, the edges of the yo-yo quilt will not gather neatly. The ridge lines on the tray should match the ridge lines on the disk. Also, when stitching the seams, use a needle through the one end of the crescent. This should catch the seam allowance.

How Do You Make Yo Yos for a quilt?

If you use a fabric backing fabric, you will need to choose a circle size that fits the backing fabric. The circle you make should be at least four inches in diameter. It should be large enough for the backing fabric and still have a room to gather the yo-yos. Once you have your fabric gathered, you can sew the yo-yos to the backing fabric.

Fabric For Yo-Yo Quilts

Fabric for yo-yo quilt with backing is an option for those who don’t want to use a batting. Yo-yo quilts can be used as blocks for a larger quilt or as a smaller wall hanging. Fabric for yo-yo quilt projects can be found at a variety of stores. Prices will depend on the quality of the materials, age, size, and craftsmanship.

To make a yo-yo quilt with backing, you need fabric with a circle shape that measures about four inches in diameter. You can use cardboard or plastic templates, or even a round jar lid. You can even buy special circles cutters that allow you to cut fabric to the right shape. Cut your fabric around the template at least 1/4 inch past the line. You will want to use a thicker thread than regular quilting thread, so that the stitches will be sturdier.

How Do You Make a Yoyo Quilt Pattern?

To create a backing for a yo-yo quilt, you should fold the fabric under about 1/4 inch. Thread a hand sewing needle with 100 percent cotton thread and sew small running stitches around the folded edge. Make the stitches slightly larger than the yo-yos’ width, and pull the threads gently to gather the fabric.

Yo-yo quilts can be created with a variety of fabrics. These yo-yos are commonly used for binding quilts. They can be either made by hand or by machine.

Yoyo Quilt Video Tutorial

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