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How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to hang a quilt you need to know how to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt. A hanging sleeve for a quilt can be either a simple tube or a more complicated hanging system. Choosing a hanging system depends on your quilt’s size and how you’d like to display it. A large quilt requires a large sleeve for hanging.

To learn how to make a hanging sleeve for a quilt, follow the steps below.

Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt Tutorial

A hanging sleeve can be made of three layers: a quilt top, batting, and a hanging sleeve. If you have a quilt backing, choose a fabric with a tightly woven weave. You can use a contrasting fabric for the sleeve or make a contrasting one that blends in with the backing.

Step 1 in How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt

Start by measuring the width of the quilt including the binding. Then, make sure that the sleeve doesn’t touch the edges

First, make a crease on the back of the sleeve about 1/2″ from the top of the quilt. The crease should not be too deep, since you’ll want a little slack to accommodate the rod. After that, use a three-inch stitch to attach the sleeve to the quilt. This stitch is not visible from the front of the quilt, but it will secure the sleeve and reduce stress on the batting fabric.

Step 2 in How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt

Once you’ve measured the width of the quilt, you need to cut a strip approximately eight 1/2 inches wide and five inches long. Choose a fabric that matches the quilt’s top and backing fabric. If you’re working with a large quilt, you may want to cut the sleeve a little wider than the quilt itself.

Step 3 in How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt

Next, make the sleeve piece from scraps. Sew the short edges together with a wide seam allowance. Backstitch at the edges of the seam. Then, turn the sleeve right side out. Press the seam open. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4 in How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt

Now, you can sew the sleeve to the quilt. Remember to leave a little extra space at the top, so that the quilt will hang straight. Once you’ve done this, you can add a hanging rod later. This is a simple way to hang your quilt.

Step 5 in How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt

The first step adding the hanging rod is to cut the wooden dowel to the desired size. You’ll need about an inch smaller than the back of your quilt. Then, twist and slip the wooden dowel through the hanging sleeve. Make sure you have a level surface to place the eye screws. If you’re not using eye screws, you can hang the hanging sleeve without them. Another option is to use command strip hooks to hang the hanging sleeve.

When making a hanging sleeve, remember to place it a few inches away from the corners of the quilt. This distance helps prevent the corners from flopping while hanging the quilt.

How To How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt – Video Tutorial

That’s all! Good luck if you choose to make a hanging sleeve for your quilts 🙂

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