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Cardinal Barn Quilt

cardinal barn quilt design pattern

In this blog post I’ll take a closer look at the Cardinal Barn Quilt, which certainly is a hugely popular quilt these days. Whether you’re decorating a patio, a barn, a potting shed, a porch or a sunroom, a Cardinal Barn Quilt will make a great addition.

What Is a Cardinal Barn Quilt?

A Cardinal barn quilt is a painted, often very large, quilt block mounted on the side of a barn (or any other building). The star of this quilt is the cardinal bird, who is a very popular bird to watch and the state bird of several states in the US.

The quilt usually comes in a 16″ square design made up of smaller squares. The first thing you will see in a cardinal barn quilt is a cardinal perched on a branch. Usually it’s made of weather-resistant plywood with a 1″ dark walnut wood stain border, but it can also be done in different ways. Being a quilt which will be hung up on a outdoors wall, weather-resistant materials will obviously be a key thing to note when making a cardinal barn quilt.

This quilt is a colorful reflection of nature. Its autumn colors pop off a white background, giving it a warm and welcoming appearance. It’s also available with a yellow border, which would go well with dark color structures. You can customize the colors of the quilt’s border. Depending on the structure in your home, you may want to use a different color for the border.

How Do You Make a Cardinal Barn Quilt?

The Cardinal Barn Quilt Pattern is a simple yet stunning design that can be used to create a beautiful quilt. This pattern is perfect for those who enjoy simple quilt patterns that are easy to follow. You can usually find a printable cardinal barn quilt pattern for free online, and it can be printed out on any standard printer.

In this video I found on YouTube you can see how someone makes a beautiful barn quilt.

If you’re willing to invest a few bucks, you can also find printable cardinal barn quilt pattern available for sale. The advantage is here is that you get a ready-made pattern in various sizes, so you choose whichever size fits your needs the best. Then you print out the PDF file and can start making the cardinal barn quilt. Check out Etsy for several of these barn quilt cardinal pattern for sale.

You can also find a lot of wonderful barn quilt cardinal designs on Pinterest, where people both are showing off there designs and uploading patterns you can use.

Why Make a Cardinal Barn Quilt

First of all, the cardinal bird barn quilt is one of the most popular patterns these days, so you’ll be joining a big group of other quilters making the same design. They are beautiful, and their red color is stunning against the white of snow. If you live in an area where cardinals are common, you may want to consider making a cardinal barn quilt because it’s a representation of the wildlife in your area.

If you live in an area without cardinals, well I’ll say this beautiful design is still a worthy piece to have on your barn or patio.

It will be a stunning piece who can be admired not only by you and your family, but by people passing by your house.

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